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Gutter Cleaning Service Milton Keynes

We will have your gutters cleaned out and working properly!

Full, overflowing or leaking gutters can cause unnecessary damage to your property, ranging from damp in your walls to extensive brickwork damage.

Debris inside your gutters stops water flow along the gutter towards the downpipe as it is designed to do. Instead of the water going down the downpipe and into your drain the water overflows and either drips down the walls causing potential brickwork damage, or even worse the water travels through your roofline and into the wall cavity, which can cause major problems such as damp inside your house.

We can prevent this from ever happening at a fraction of the cost of any repair, by cleaning out any dirt or debris from your gutters, leaving them clean, clear, and doing their job.

Why are homeowners advised no to clear out their gutters themselves? Each year there are over 3000 serious domestic accidents involving ladders. Please don’t risk serious injury or even your own life cleaning your own gutters.

Having your gutters cleaned on an regular basis will keep rainwater moving away from your building, so it’s a good plan to have your gutters cleaned at least once a year.

At Spotless Milton Keynes, we use the latest high powered gutter-vacuum, which operates at over 3000 watts, and completely removes all leaves, moss, dirt & any debris from all of your gutters.

The high powered vacuum sucks out the debris and stores it inside its storage chamber, ready to be disposed of safely. We put his green waste into your garden waste bin. If you do not have a garden waste bin we will dispose of this waste for you off-site.

Why not add an external gutter clean, and also have your downpipes, fascias & soffits cleaned at the same time? – ask us for a quote.

What kind of service will you receive from us?

  • All leaves, moss, dirt and debris completely removed from your gutters leaving your gutters clean
  • A fully trained, experienced & uniformed professional to carry out the job
  • All gutter waste will be disposed of accordingly
  • We are fully fully insured to carry out the job
  • We give you our satisfaction guarantee

Recommendation – once a year – ask about our regular cleaning schedule.

Why not head over to our Case Studies page to see what we do?

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What our customers say

“Superb! The outside of our house has never been cleaner, I need sunglasses!”
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“Excellent window cleaner.
Highly professional, great price and very clean windows!”
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“Great service and a great finish to our cladding and windows!
Will definitely be making it a regular thing – highly recommended!”
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“Great job for a reasonable price. I could actually see the front windows and fascia gleaming as I drove onto my drive. Really impressed!!!”
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“Honestly can’t recommend this company enough,
definitely my ‘go to’ when I want a great service and even better results.”
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“Great service from Mark and his team! Really nice guys and a job well done.
Would highly recommend.”
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