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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

1. By using our service customers are agreeing to and accepting our terms and conditions.

2. Access

To carry out the service that customers have requested gates must be unlocked prior to our arrival to enable access the property. If access is denied due to gates being locked or any other obstruction prevents a full service or only enables a partial clean a charge of two-thirds of the quoted price will be made. Where appropriate all access areas must be free of dog’s mess. The cleaning process requires our staff to move around the access areas and equipment needs to be manoeuvred. If we are not able to work in an area of the property due to this, we will clean what we can and this partial clean will be charged at two-thirds of the quoted price.

3. Reschedule policy

The day prior to the scheduled cleaning day customers will receive a notification from us. Following this communication cancellations or rescheduling requests cannot be accepted. If customers wish to reschedule or cancel a service, a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required in writing prior to the due date to enable us to replace the allocated visit slot with another customer. If we cannot gain full access, on a planned service visit, we will clean what we are able to and a charge of two-thirds of the quoted price will apply. If no access is possible, a customer has moved from the property, or if there is any other reason that means we are not able to visit a property to carry out our service then that customer will be charged two thirds of the full price in order to compensate Spotless Window Cleaning Ltd for the financial loss of an unused slot. We accept that rescheduling may happen, and request customers adhere to the 48 hours prior notice requirement. If, due to bad weather, and/or public holidays we are unable to provide our service on the agreed date we will endeavour to do so within 5 working days of the original date. We advise customers to notify us in writing immediately of any reason that would prevent us from carrying out our service to avoid charges.

4. Change of frequency

Customers may change the frequency of service from us. However, we operate a regular planned service, we do not offer an ‘on demand’ service. Customers who frequently reschedule will not receive a service from us. Customers wishing to change the frequency of our service to their property may do so by giving at least 48 hours’ notice in writing prior to the agreed due date.

5. Payment

We require prompt payment for services rendered. Payment for services carried out is due no later than 3 days from the date of the clean. Should we not receive payment within this timescale customers will receive an automated text message reminder. If payment is not settled after this reminder then a referral may be made to a third party to recover monies owing together with any additional costs associated with debt recovery. Our service is provided on the expectation of prompt payment and our service will be terminated for persistent late payers. In these circumstances outstanding monies for service(s) provided and any additional costs will be recovered through legal process.

6. Satisfaction guarantee

We take pride in our work and we want our customers to be satisfied with the service provided. If in the unlikely event our service does not meet customer expectations, please notify us within 24 hours and a revisit will be arranged to correct any agreed fault in service free of charge.

7. Timings

Our service is planned and scheduled in specific geographical order and the application of some services take a little longer than others consequently we are not able to provide an exact time for attendance at individual properties. If required, we can provide an approximate time frame for our service visit. This may not be wholly accurate, and timings are always subject to change.

8. Your scheduled Visit

Our service is provided on a 4-weekly cycle. We complete hundreds of cleans in a very specific geographical order during this 4-week cycle. We aim to complete our service to customers on the schedule that customers have requested/agreed with us. However, public holidays and unsuitable weather conditions may prevent us from doing this. We aim to complete any delayed service within 5 working days of the original due date.

9. Wet weather

Our service will be provided on days of light rain. This will not adversely affect the quality of the clean. For customer assurance we provide a rainy-day guarantee. In the unlikely event that customers are not entirely satisfied contact us within 24 hours following the clean and we will attend to correct any issue free of charge. We monitor weather conditions closely to determine whether the prevailing conditions are suitable for our service. In severe weather conditions we will notify customers by text message on the scheduled clean day should we determine that to provide our service in such conditions would be hazardous or detrimental to our quality commitment. Cancellations or rescheduling by customers because of weather conditions will not be accepted. If on arrival on the scheduled clean day our service is declined, or we receive communications of cancellation or rescheduling due to weather conditions a charge of two-thirds of the quoted price will be made.


Following enquiries about our service we will provide a standard quotation based on the information given to us at the time of the enquiry and will be valid for 4 weeks. Our standard window cleaning service includes window and doors for the main property and conservatory. Conservatory roofs are not included in our standard window cleaning service. Quotations for our conservatory roof cleaning service are available upon request. Quotations for our standard cleaning service are for maintenance cleans unless otherwise stated. The removal of debris such as cement, paint, silicones, varnish or any other building related materials are not included in our standard cleaning service.
Should this be required we have available a builders’ cleaning service that specifically deals with the removal of debris from glass. The builders’ clean service is charged on an hourly basis.
Our standard window cleaning service and builders’ cleaning service do not cover the repair or removal of staining on wood or UPVC surfaces. This is a specialist service that we do not provide.

11. Dissatisfaction

Notwithstanding the assurances given in the above paragraphs should our service not meet with customers’ expectations we require notification immediately, or as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter, to enable us to rectify any aspect of our service that has caused dissatisfaction.

12. Cancellation

To cancel our service, we require customers to give written notice. Customers can cancel our service at any point following the last clean and up to receiving our notification text message concerning the next clean. If a customer cancels our service after our notification text message is sent to them, that customer will still be charged two thirds of their full price to compensate Spotless Window Cleaning ltd for an unused slot.

13. Pressure washing

Customers commissioning this service are advised that during washing operations a jet of water is applied to a surface under high pressure. Customers are further advised that any loose or weak surfaces may be dislodged during the cleaning process. Particular attention should be given to areas of loose patio slabs, loose block paving and loose mortar in garden brick wall features. Similarly, pressure washing close to flowerbeds, decorative loose stones and/or grassed areas could become untidy or even slightly damaged. Every effort is made during the pressure washing process to minimise any potential damage, but this cannot be guaranteed. Our service cannot accept any responsibility for accidental damage or unintended disruption in this regard. This service on the strict understanding that pressure washing will be carried out at the customers own risk. Prior to washing, the area must be free of garden furniture, ornaments, flower tubs and BBQ’s.

14. Waste

Following pressure washing and gutter clearance there will be accumulations of moss, sand, weeds and leaves to be disposed of. Waste disposal is not part of the service we provide and is not included in the price quoted. If a customers’ green bin is available the accumulated debris will be placed therein, if not then it will be the responsibility of the customer to dispose of this material accordingly.

15. Cancellation of a customers service

If any customer does not follow our terms and conditions then we reserve the right to cancel that customers service with immediate effect and without notice.

16. Roof/ balcony access

At times access onto a roof or a balcony is required in order to access windows. This task is optional and is at the customers discretion. Although we are very careful when carrying out these tasks, there is a small risk that by doing so damage may be caused to roof tiles, and/or to items on the balcony such as plant pots or other decorative items. Access to these areas are taken at the customers risk, and Spotless Window Cleaning ltd accepts no responsibility for any roof tiles or household/garden items damaged during this activity.

17. Damage.

Sometimes parts of windows or frames such as plastics or lead become dislodged during the cleaning process. If lead or any other part of the window frames become dislodged or detached such as air vents or pvc frames, this is due to these parts being loose, and is not caused by the cleaning process. Cleaning of these areas of the windows and frames is carried out at the customers own risk. Spotless Window Cleaning ltd accepts no responsibility for any loose or detached parts of windows or frames.

18. One off cleans.

As a busy company our regular customers are our first priority. To maintain our regularity and reliability for our regular customers, we do not provide one a off window cleaning service. This will be made clear to all potential customers in our communications. Spotless Window Cleaning ltd will only provide a service to customers that require a long term window cleaning service. If it becomes apparent that a customer is using our service as a one off window cleaning service, short term window cleaning service, or have a for sale sign visible at their property, then our service will not be carried out.

19. Terms and conditions

All services are provided under Spotless Window Cleaning Limited terms and conditions and will take precedence over any other conditions whether it be for a company or a private customer. By commissioning any of the services provided by Spotless Window Cleaning Limited customers fully agree to accept these terms and conditions.

20. Privacy policy

To provide our customers with the service requested we need information regarding their property and basic details about them. All such information is held confidentially and used solely in connection with the service provided by us to them and will not be shared with any third party. Details of customers who no longer require our service will be deleted once any outstanding monies are paid in full. Our contact, utilising customer details held on file, will be limited as follows:
1. Responding to quotation requests
2. Notification of scheduled visits
3. Visit variations due to adverse weather conditions
4. Overdue payment reminders

Spotless Window Cleaning Limited reserves the right to change and/or amend these terms and conditions. Current terms and conditions are available on request.

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