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How do I pay my bill?

A – For your convenience we have a number of different ways that you can pay your bill, just choose the option that is best for you.

Here are the options for you to consider.

1. Bank transfer

Using this option works best for our customers who use online banking.

Simply add us as a Payee under ‘Window Cleaner’ this usually takes a few minutes and only needs to be done once.

After we complete our service we will always leave a receipt through your door to let you know that we have cleaned your windows. We give all customers 7 days following their clean to pay their bill.

2. Using the card payment option on our website

On our site we have a payment feature where you can pay your bill.

Simply click on ‘PAY MY BILL‘ this will take you to the payment portal where you can input the first line of your address, and then pay your bill using your debit card. We give all of our customers 7 days following their clean to pay their bill.

This option is secure, and at no point does Spotless Window Cleaning have access to any of your card details.

3. Paying Cash

We will always send you a courtesy text message the day before we visit to clean your windows. If you wish to pay cash then you can pay us on the day.

If you will be out on the day of the clean then you can always leave cash somewhere on your property for us to collect. Think about a safe place to leave cash such as under a plant pot in the garden, or even under your front or back door mat. Simply reply to our text message with the location of the cash. Once we complete our service we will send you a text message immediately to confirm that we have collected your payment from your safe place.

Do I need to sign up to a contract?

We are often asked by potential new customers if we need to sign up to any contract and the simple answer is NO. You are free to discontinue our services at any time you wish.

At Spotless we are firm believers that if we do a good job and provide a great service then why would you go anywhere else! Having been working in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas over the last 15 years we have built up a large repeat customer base and pride ourselves on providing a regular, reliable and professional cleaning service, making Spotless the best window cleaning service provider in Milton Keynes.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

This is a question we are often asked by our customers. There is no right or wrong frequency for having your windows cleaned and it’s much more of a personal preference to how clean you would like your windows to look.

The vast majority of our customers have their windows cleaned on a monthly basis, as our monthly service provides the best results, this service keeps your windows clean all the time, and your front door looking gleaming, but you can also choose 2 monthly cleans if you wish.

Here are the 2 cleaning frequencies that you can choose from:

Our Monthly Service

For the best possible results all year round then this is the service for you.

This is our most popular regularity, and along with the frame cleaning will keep your property and views from your windows to the best possible standard. Your front door is kept clean at all times as well as your front door sill.

Our 2 Monthly Service

Cleaning the windows every 2 months will keep your windows and frames to a good standard.

You will start to see the dirt coming back on both the glass and frames after about 3-4 weeks if you’re in an exposed area but this won’t be quite as much if you in a more rural location where the elements do not play such a big factor.

Can I have other services on a regular basis?

In addition to window cleaning, we also clean conservatory roofs, clear gutters, clean gutters, downpipes, fascias & soffits, patios and driveways.

We recommend clearing your gutters once a year to keep your gutters maintained, and to avoid causing damage to your property. We also recommend cleaning your conservatory roof twice a year to keep it looking clean and to get rid of algae before it turns green.

We can add any of these services to our regular cleaning/maintenance schedule for you. We will notify you before it is due, and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you for us to visit you and carry out this service.

Adding these cleaning services to our regular cleaning schedule means that you can forget about organising them to be carried out. Let us do all the organising for you, and we will keep your home looking the best that it can.

What do I do if I am not happy with something?

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, service, with fantastic customer service.

But we are all human and sometimes things do not always go completely according to plan. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with any part of our service, we recommend that you contact us immediately.

We give all of our customers our Satisfaction Guarantee. That means that if you are not completely happy with any of our services that we have carried out for you, then we will re-visit your property for free to continue the job until you are completely satisfied.

Your happiness is our number one priority.

Are you fully insured?

Yes we are. We are fully insured up to £2,000,000 for public liability, and damage to property.

Does rain water make my windows dirty?

A common misconception is that rain makes your windows dirty.

Before window cleaners started cleaning the window frames as well as the windows, this was partly the case as the rain would fall onto the dirty frames, absorb the dirt, and then drip down onto your clean windows. This is why the tops of the windows always appear more dirty than the rest of the window. Once the frames are clean, this does not happen.

Rain does many things but it does not make a clean window dirty. It may make a dirty window look dirtier, but only if there is dirt already on the window. Actually, rain usually will help keep windows cleaner, longer.

What accumulates on your windows is dust, dirt, traffic film & pollen. Rain helps to rinse your windows and stops dirt and other contaminants accumulating.

Rainwater is nearly pure and will not leave spots when it dries, unless the window that got wet was dirty to begin with!

Take a look at any windows you have that are protected by eaves or a porch and you will see that they are generally dirtier than windows that are exposed to rain.

We clean windows and frames in most weathers.

Should I get my windows cleaned in the winter?

Of course you should. As mentioned in the above question, the weather plays little part in how dirty your windows become. We all want clean windows, and not just in the summer time, we want them clean all the time.

We recommend to our customers that our monthly service is the best frequency, as it keeps your windows clean all the time, regardless of the seasons.

Can you reach every window?

The simple answer to this is no we can’t reach every window, but we can reach around 99% of windows.

We generally use a water fed pole system to clean windows. With the use of telescopic poles we can reach previously inaccessible windows such as velux windows and windows above conservatory roofs.

All houses are different and each property poses a different challenge when cleaning the windows. There is no such thing as an average house in terms of cleaning or there would be a set price for 2,3 and 4 bedroom houses but this is simply not the case, as there are far more factors involved when looking at a potential new property for cleaning. When visiting a new client the first thing we need to do is look at the access to the windows to see if they are accessible to clean. Access is generally the number one reason why a window cannot be reached as it could be too far set back over a conservatory roof to get the correct angle to clean.

Set back windows

They are the windows that are generally not visible from the ground or set in to a roof up high, like a Velux window. These are usually the problem windows for any window cleaner as the angle to reach them is too obtuse and not accessible from the ground. The best way to tell if a window is accessible is to stand outside and look up at it, if you can see the whole window and could point a stick straight at it then there is a good chance it can be cleaned from the ground. If you can only see part of it, don’t have a clear line of sight to it or are having to stand over 60 foot (18 meters) away from it then it’s probably not likely to be reached with our standard van set up. There are a couple of options for setback windows which include high access equipment, using a different pole or cleaning from the inside, but these can be discussed with your cleaning professional when he looks at the property in the initial quote stage.

Balcony windows

These windows are usually a set of doors or a window and door, and are found on all types of balconies which cannot usually be reached without a ladder or access through the property. Many property’s we clean now have some sort of a balcony, from a small juliet balcony on a second or third floor to a large outside space above a flat roof, both will cause an access issue for your window cleaner. If a balcony can be reached safely from a ladder on the ground and the safety rail is not too high or awkward to get over then the chances of getting from the ground is good, as long as the accesses is safe. If this is not an option then the only other way is to pre book the clean for a convenient time you’re at home and allow the operator to come through the house to access the balcony. Both options should be discussed with your professional when he visits to quote but the safest option will always be best due to working at height.

Too close to an obstruction

The final and last problem that may mean a window cannot be reached is when it is too close to an obstruction or another building. This is a very similar problem to set back windows but with the angle being either to acute to allow the operator to get the brush head to all of the window from the ground below, or to obtuse with something stopping them getting the angle standing further back. We quite often find that some properties are built very close together with only a small alleyway between them which is often just enough space to walk down. If the property has any windows on the side which can sometimes be a hall or a bathroom then these can be very tricky to get at properly, as the angle to the window is too acute as the operator would be standing directly underneath. The same thing applies to a set back window and when the pole has to be fully extended to reach it, if there is something stopping the operator like another building or a road in the way then the window cannot be reached.

Most windows can be reached from the ground but on the rare occasion that the access does not permit the operator to reach the window then a conditional survey can be supplied. This survey is free and will highlight any windows that cannot be reached along with an option appraisal to gain access. More often than not the cost of reaching the problem windows is not viable as it often involves rope access or high access equipment.

If you have any problem windows that you think may fit any of the descriptions above then please feel free to drop us and email with a picture or book a free site survey, as one of our expert team will soon be able to advise you of the options

Does self cleaning glass work?

We are often asked by people “Does Pilkington self-cleaning glass work?” and our honest answer is “its works, but does not keep your glass clean”.

With technology constantly improving one of the newest products to be found on the market in recent years it the development of Pilkington self-cleaning glass. Originally announced back in 2001 the self-cleaning glass was developed by Pilkington to keep your windows clean and free from dirt using a coating applied to the glass in the manufacturing stage. The Hydrophilic coating (titanium dioxide) is said to clean itself when wet from either rain or water by reducing the contact with the dirt and causing the water to form a thin layer that simply just washes away. The technology has been proven to work in what can only be described as laboratory test condition but the truth is that it simply does not keep your windows clean.

We are not saying that the technology doesn’t work and may have a slight benefit with things like conservatory roofs but having seen this product first hand we can safely say window cleaners have nothing to worry about, as it’s not likely to put any of us out of business! We have had many customers who have spent a lot of money having this product installed when upgrading windows of adding conservatories and who have been keen to tell us that they will no longer need their window cleaning service anymore, only to be calling us several weeks later to resume the cleaning again. We have even had one customer have all of her self-cleaning glass removed as the titanium dioxide coating was leaving the windows even worse than her original standard glass. They had paid an extra £850 for the self-cleaning glass and after realising that this was not working they got back in contact with the company that installed it to have the glass returned back to standard double glazing, and refunded the difference.

The question we would always ask is that how on earth is this glass going to remove bird droppings and dirt building up, and the simple answer is it won’t. The self-cleaning coating may help towards keeping your windows clean but it certainly won’t clean them so calling it “self cleaning glass” is true as far as a marketing slogan, but it certainly will NOT keep your glass clean.

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